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Keflavik Airport Parking

Keflavik Airport is very large, and it accommodates different airlines and companies and this attracts people from all over the globe. The traffic situation at the airport is not friendly and some people prefer when they arrive by bus or taxi. Those who want to pick up people with their cars or want to travel other places have the chance to leave their cars at the parking lot. However, this is a paid service and one needs to decide the places where they will park and include the number of days. Those who are waiting to pick up visitors from the airport are allowed to park in the open area; which is very easy to move around and will ease the traffic. Those who want to park the cars for a number of days or hours, have the designated spots and this makes it private and secure since it is not accessed by many people.

During the peak season, it gets hard to make get the parking space at the airport, hence the need to make the bookings in advance. One of the ways is through the airport officials and the other is the online channel to get the parking slot. There are also the prestige bookings and these are costly compared to the other parking spaces. One has the chance to park at the basement, or the multi-storey parking slots in the airport. The facility also caters for the disabled and this is through the designated parking g slots near the airport premises and this means they do not need to struggle to get to the car or inside the airport. Keflavik Airport security is improvised and one does not need to worry about car theft or burglary. There are round the clock personnel and security cameras at the different parking lots.